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Photo by Spencer Davis


This is a great way to explore the Grande Cache countryside by snowmobile. Outside of Willmore Wilderness Park are countless cut-lines, old exploration and logging roads, all offering a variety of terrain from easy to challenging. Some routes lead into remote areas. It’s wise to carry basic emergency supplies in case of an
accident. For more information, please visit or

Consider hiring a qualified guide if you are not experienced with mountain travel, lack navigational skills, are not comfortable with the possibility of encountering wildlife, or would simply like to get more out of your riding experience.

Mountain weather is unpredictable, so riders should carry some essentials: shovel, sweater, hat or toque, gloves, extra water, a first aid kit, and a map and compass (or GPS). Also a cell phone; many of the trails near Grande Cache are within cellular range.


  1. Grande Mountain
  2. Flood Mountain
  3. Huckleberry Tower
  4. Hoff Siding
  5. A-La-Peche Lake
  6. Beaverdam Road
  7. Brinkhoff

No motorized vehicles are permitted in Willmore Wilderness Park or Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreational Area, or any of the provincial campgrounds in the area. Alpine areas are particularly fragile; damage is often visible for many years due to harsh conditions and a short growing season. Try to stay on trails, or step on rock; instead of delicate wildflowers and fragile lichen. Pack out all garbage. Respect all wildlife and the environment. Enjoy your ride!

Download the trails map: Grande Cache Trial Adventure Map
Map courtesy of: The Town of Grande Cache


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